Founded in 1969, Meals on Wheels of Northeastern PA, was one of the original agencies funded under the Older American Acts to provide nutritional services to home-bound older persons. The Agency’s founder, and first director, alerted the nation to the unmet nutritional needs of the elderly, during congressional hearings in the late 1960’s.


From its modest origins in an unused hospital building, the agency has developed over the last FIFTY years to become the major provider of nutritional services to the elderly and disabled population of Lackawanna County, nourishing approximately 500 clients per day.


The emphasis on the elderly is very appropriate in a county that has one of the highest concentrations of older persons in the nation. The percentage of elderly in this Northeastern Pennsylvania Community is twice the national average. The main city in the county, Scranton, illustrates this high percentage, with over one-fourth of its residents being sixty years of age or older.



Our mission is to provide nutrition and supportive services to residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In order to carry out our mission, we strive to accomplish the following:


1. Provide relief from hunger for the elderly and disabled;


2. Decrease onset of disease with good nutrition;


3. Increase home based support to delay or prevent expensive institutional care.






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